Number of nurses and paramedics in Russian hospitals is declining

Saving on the health of citizens

Number of nurses and paramedics in public hospitals is declining. According to “Izvestia”, overall number of paramedical workers throughout the country decreased in 9%.
What’s more depressing, in some regions things are much worse. For example, in Yaroslavsky region number dropped up to 48%, in Amur region and Chukotka – 32 and 31% respectively.


Experts suggesting that the reasons behind this problem lies in newly introduced reexamination program. This program demands from paramedics posessing at least middle school degree and completion of special “paramedic” education program, as well as knowledge of basic rule of sanitation, first aid and working with corpses.

While many clinics payed off the attestation courses for their workers, others were unable to do so, and that in turn lead to people quitting paramedic jobs en masse. Those who decided to stay yet cannot afford re-education are forced to take janitor position with lesser salaries and benefits. It is clear that without help from the ministry even more specialists will leave healthcare jobs.

“Exodus of paramedics will affect patients first”- told Dmitry Belyakov, chairman of ambulance paramedics union.

Besides, all this amount of work involving caring about patient’s needs will be transferred on shoulders of overworking nurses. Some regional authorities consider this situation cool and normal. In aforementioned Yaroslavsky region they announced that increase in number of paramedic jobs is not even discussed.

Such problems is a natural outcome of “optimisation” reforms, focused on dismantling of any social responsibilities of state, inherited by capitalist Russia from Soviet Union.