Official from Yakutia needs an “Army” of Deputies

With the use of budget funds, of course

The acting head of the Khangalassky region in Yakutia, Fedor Borisov, complained about the lack of deputies. At the moment, according to the official, there are only two.

Чиновники у "кормушки"
Officials gorging at the budget trough

As Borisov said during his first meeting as head of the region, he should have advisers in all spheres. He considered it necessary to appoint deputies for spiritual development, for longevity and health, for employment; also, he noted, it would be nice to have assistants in such areas as local history, artists and writers, sports and the like.

The region head left himself a modest role as the coordinator of the deputies’ activities, as well as the finance distribution coordinator.

Russian top officials turned from «servants of the people» into a privileged class quite a while ago. They have enjoyed extensive benefits, they live in palaces, and on any convenient occasion increase their salaries. At the same time, they keep robbing people with a sense of total impunity, at the expense of whom, in fact, they exist.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that such a “feeding trough” looks very attractive, and the one who gets to it, tries not only to get themselves comfortable with maximum profit, but also help their pals and family «to find their place in life», too.

Such bureaucratic impudence has already become a characteristic feature of the capitalist system that has developed in the Russian Federation, in which a handful of rich people eat at the expense of the common people. And the longer the working people silently endure such exploitation, the less respect those in power will show towards them.