Over 300 million rubles for the main Temple Completion

The Russian defense is in reliable hands

The Ministry of Defense will spend another 317.9 million rubles to complete their main church in the Patriot Park, Kommersant reports with links to the public procurement portal. Most of this amount, over 264.1 million rubles, will be directed by the Property Management Department of special projects of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to purchase religious products.

Министр Шойгу и Патриарх Кирилл обсуждают убранство главного храма ВС
Minister Shoigu and Patriarch Kirill discuss the decoration of the main temple of the Armed Forces

37.7 million rubles will be spent on plaster decoration works and 16.1 million rubles will be spent on the seam roof installtion works for two porches. The procurement is made «from a single supplier.» No terms of reference, no contractor information and no accompanying documentation were provided. “Resurrection” charity fund has been created to collect donations for the church construction.

As soon as the capitalists took power in Russia, the church launched some «economic» activity. For example, in the 90s, the Russian Orthodox Church got engaged in duty-free trade in tobacco and alcohol products, and recently announced the organization of its own wine production. The construction of temples today is more intensive than the construction of schools and hospitals. The mention of God is even planned to be included in the Constitution.

The church shows particular zeal in the “struggle for the minds” of power structure representatives. «Fortunately», the leaders of these departments readily interact with the «workers of the cult.» Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church consecrate missiles before launch, give religious advice to recruits before the oath ceremony. In a “voluntary-compulsory” order they bring military personnel and members of their families to worship “personalized” icons of military branches; they attract military personnel to conduct religious processions; they help the traffic police to fight to reduce car accidents.

The bourgeois government is ready and able to support the expansion of church participation in government affairs. After all, the church helps the capitalists maintain their power, dividing society on a religious and even national basis. No money is too much money for that. The main thing is that the working people do not think about the class struggle, and that the «man with a gun» with God’s help defends the interests of the owners of the means of production.