“People’s BRICS” gathered in Brasil

Russian delegation also taking part in the event

In 11th November in Brasilia, capital of Brasil, international summit “People’s BRICS” had started. This event was organized as an alternative towards official XI BRICS summit, which will take place in a same city at 13.11.19. Russian delegation also represented in the event.

During the first day of summit Konstantin Syomin, famous Russian journalist with communist views, took the floor. Yesterday, Andrey Pyatakov, Russian expert from Institute for Latin America studies in Russian Academy of Sciences delivered a presentation. For a last day of the forum Alexander Batov, 1st secretary of ROT Front party, will give speech, summarizing the outcomes of the meeting.

Forum “People’s BRICS” was organised with an active assistance of Movement of Landless peasants of Brasil (MST), and “International People’s Assembly” — international summit, which took place in Venezuela in February of this year. Importance of this forum is marked with location of it’s gatherings – it is inside the building of National Congress of Brazil. One of the founders and leaders of MST, João Pedro Stédile also takes part in summit. About hundred of representatives from all over the world participates in this event.

Main goals of this forum are: strenghtening ties between people’s movements throughout the world, sharing of experiences, discussing strategy of people’s struggle, fostering solidarity and mutual assistance between people’s movements, conversation concerning possibility of conducting united strategy of joint action.