Peskov: there are no more oligarchs in Russia

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the President of the Russian Federation, said that there are no oligarchs in Russia. According to him, oligarchs are business people with political ambitions who are using money to achieve political goals.

Alexey Mordashov, Head of Severstal'
Alexey Mordashov, Head of Severstal’

If we use the definition of Peskov, then we may well find oligarchs in Russia. Among the deputies of the State Duma of Russia there are several dollar billionaires, for example, Alexander Skoch, whose capital is $ 6 billion. There are significantly more ruble billionaires and millionaires in the Lower House. Once in Parliament, these business people acquired a certain power. Conducting an election campaign requires considerable resources. Becoming a deputy is an expensive investment. Thus, it is not even necessary to conduct serious research on the connection of large capitalists and Russian authorities. The evidence is on the surface. And this simplest evidence smashes all Mr. Peskov’s attempts to refute the obvious facts. If we dig deeper, then we will see many capitalists who have close ties with the authorities. Among the most notable one are Arkady Rotenberg, the owner of the Plato system; Mordashov, owner of PAO Severstal and many others. The President holds regular meetings with them, they visit the Duma and so on.

Under capitalism, power belongs to the capitalist class, one of the direct evidence of this is bourgeois representation in the legislature. In addition, capitalists do not have to be present in the government, they promote their people there, finance their election campaigns and pay them salaries. Laws in a bourgeois state are adopted in the interests of the capitalist class and protect their power. The authorities also act in the interests of the capitalists.

This state of affairs will continue as long as the market world order continues to dominate. Power will belong to the capitalist class, while, of course, some politicians will succeed others, some capitalists will gain more influence in the government, pushing others away, but the system itself will remain the same.