Petrol has risen in price again

Setting a new record

As a result of trading on the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange on June 17, the price of AI-95 gasoline rose to 56,751 rubles per ton, an increase of 0.87%. In total, since the beginning of June, the cost of gasoline of this brand has grown by 9%. During June 17, the cost of AI-92 gasoline increased by 0.59% and amounted to 49,679 rubles per ton. The exchange value of gasoline reached the historic high.

Gas prices rose again
Gas prices rose again

Obviously, following the stock price of gasoline, the retail price will also increase. This growth, in turn, will lead to an increase in the cost of freight, goods and services. In addition, growth will hit workers directly, as many of them have cars. Optimization of medicine has led to the fact that now in order to receive medical care people often have to travel to big cities. Optimization of the education system has led to a reduction and enlargement of schools, so now parents are forced to use vehicles to take their children to the nearest school. The collapse of the public transport system exacerbates these factors — now having a car is a necessary condition for a more or less normal life.

However, the bourgeoisie turned the car from a means of transportation into a means of enrichment, a means to pump money from the working people. The methods of taking money from citizens include: sale of fuel and lubricants, compulsory motor third party liability insurance, transport tax, and some others. Put in a hopeless situation, the workers are forced to spend enormous amounts of money on these goals, since without them they will not be able to live and work comfortably. Using a car ruins the working people; refusing to use it makes their life impossible.

This will continue as long as the power belongs to the bourgeoisie, which will find ways to invent new mechanisms for robbing the working people. Workers will suffer especially great losses if they do not make efforts to protect their interests.