Pilot that died on duty from heart attack hid his decease in order not to lose his job

How capitalism affects working people’s health

In Sunday, 24th of November 49 years old second pilot died in Rostov-on-Don. During the flight from Moscow to Anapa he suddenly fell with heart attack, and his colleague had to make an emergency landing in Platov airport.

According to member of presidential committee for development of civil aviation, honoured pilot of Russian Federation Yuri Sytnik, this pilot may have hid his chronic condition from the doctors in order to preserve his job.


He also noted that all cabin crews are going through regular medical checks before the flights. Medics are looking on eyes and tongue, checking pulse and blood pressure. This is how experienced doctor can recognise signs of flu or other infection. But it is very hard to find chronic deseases this way.

Of course, it may be his fault – suggests Sytnik – Maybe he hid his condition, because he was afraid to lose his job in 50 and be thrown out with beggar’s pension.

This is not the first time when pilots die on duty from heart attack. And fight this trend with more complicated procedures of medical checking is pointless – employees will find new ways to pass them.

This trend is typical not only for aviation workers. And it is not their, workers, personal choice. The economic conditions in our country forces people to wear themselves out on a low pay jobs just to make ends meet. Only 20% of workers are going to sick leave if they have a condition, while others forced to neglect their health in order to survive and not be thrown out by bosses, which only leads to rise of traumatism and deaths at the workplaces.

The root of this problem lies in exploitative attitude of employers to their employees and their labor conditions and wages. Worker to a capitalist is not a person but a function, a tool of receiving money. The lesser are the labor costs, the more profits will stay in their pockets.