President orders to increase minimum unemployment benefit

It’s unprofitable for capital to fight unemployment

Following the meeting on the situation on the labor market, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to increase the minimum unemployment benefit to 4,500 rubles, RBC reports. The published list of instructions to the Government also refers to an extension of payments for three months.

Waiting for unemployment benefits
Waiting for unemployment benefits

For citizens registered with the employment service and whose payment period has expired after March 1, 2020, the extension is provided until October 1, 2020.

Unemployed parents, adoptive parents and guardians will receive the right to surcharges in the amount of 3,000 rubles, for every minor child.

Against the background of continued growth in unemployment, the mass closure of enterprises and a decline in the standard of living of the working people, the President and the Government have no choice but to deal with “distributing crumbs from the lordly table” (especially since it costs them nothing personally) and reassure the population that «it will not be worse than in the 90s».

They can not beat unemployment, and do not want to. Indeed, capital, whose interests the bourgeois state protects, is always «fed» by unemployment. It helps the owners of the means of production to reduce their «costs» to pay wage earners. No matter how much they give little handouts to the population in the form of various benefits, the people will not eat better. Any minimal increase in income of the lower strata will inevitably lead to higher prices for food and basic necessities.