President’s Spokesman claims there is power rotation in Russia

When it is necessary to maintain the power of the capitalists, officials start even seeing things that are not quite there

Dmitry Peskov stated that there is constant rotation of power in Russia. According to the official, ignoring this fact would be wrong. Earlier, Vladimir Putin explained why it is necessary to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for President again.

Puting and Peskov
Puting and Peskov

In the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.» the President said that without such amendments, «instead of normal work searching possible successors might start but this is not what we need.»

Over the past 20 years of “Putin’s stability,” the big Russian capital has significantly increased its savings. But the protest activities of the working people that is growing all over the world causes serious concern among the ruling class for their future. The contradictions within the capitalist elite of the Russian Federation, which give rise to an intensification of the struggle for power, are forcing the “powers that be” to seek new arguments to justify the preservation of their dominant position.

For these reasons, the bourgeoisie and the state machine are truly trying to create the illusion of “democracy” among ordinary people, the possibility of changes in society by lowering the completed ballot in ballot boxes, in distracting workers from understanding the true reasons for dividing society into rich and poor . For this, the owners of the means of production in every possible way propagandize the idea of ​​the sufficiency of “change of power”, expressed in the “rotation” of persons on the political arena while maintaining the power of big capital.