Prosecution inspection allowed workers to get wage arrears compensated

Employers only understand the language of force and power

The Orelgrad news agency reported that Spetsavtobaza Enterprise paid employees debts in the amount of 4.7 million rubles. Earlier, local media reported on the intention of workers to refuse to go to work if the debt is not paid.

МУП "Спецавтобаза" выплатило работникам долги по зарплате
Spetsavtobaza Enterprise

«Spetsavtobaza» is an enterprise engaged in sanitary improvement in the town of Orel: sweeping and washing streets, snow removal, water transportation, removal of construction and other garbage. Of course, stopping the operation of such a service would immediately affect the condition of city roads and yards. Therefore, the threat of workers not to go to work took effect pretty fast: a prosecution inspection was launched on the fact of the debt, which ended with the requirement for the employer to pay the debt to 372 workers.

«This is not the first time when the empoyer violates the labour rights of employees. Therefore, an administrative protocol was additionally drawn up for him. Besides a fine of up to 20,000 rubles, this article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation threatens disqualification», writes Orel State TV and Radio Company.

Thus, we see that the desire of Oryol City Hall to pass off what happened as a “technical error” is an attempt to mask the class contradictions that have been revealed at the Spetsavtobaza Enterprise. In Russia, wage arrears are growing year by year. But the capitalists are in no hurry to pay the workers for their labor. But at the same time, the number of combative trade unions is growing, strikes and prosecutorial investigations are increasingly taking place. In one of our articles, we already talked about the labor struggle in Russia in 2019. The working people come to the understanding that the owner of the enterprise is no friend to them, but a real enemy with whom they have to continue an implacable struggle for their labour rights.

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