Public employees are encouraged to vote online

Any means to make them vote

Employees of the Moscow City Hall are talking about instructions received from their management to register to participate in electronic voting on the Constitutional amendments.

Public workers are "strongly recommended" to vote online
Public workers are «strongly recommended» to vote online

It is important to note that according to the mayor’s employees, it’s only necessary to “register and vote, not matter how”.

The use of state employees is one of the most likely methods of fraud with ballots when voting on the Amendments to the Constitution — substiting ballots cast early for voters. And the peculiarity of this vote will be a six-day period, which will allow interested parties to do anything with the votes of the deceived Russians.

RKRP and ROT FRONT have already expressed their opinion on voting on the Amendments. The whole campaign is organized by the authorities only with the aim of legitimizing the Constitution and showing the level of confidence in the public eye.