Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorate again

The escalation of the conflict in Syria

On Thursday, February 27, in the Syrian province of Idlib, with the support of Turkish troops, the Syrian opposition managed to capture the city of Sarakib. At the same time, Syrian government troops continue to go on the offensive in the south of Idlib province, having recently occupied about 60 settlements. On Thursday, the Syrian Air Force launched air strikes, killing 33 Turkish troops. Before the strike was launched, the Turkish side had demanded to stop the ongoing offensive; now the Turkish authorities stated that all Syrian government units and military personnel will be considered hostile.

Russian troops in Syria
Russian troops in Syria

Once again, in the Middle East, in Syria, the contradictions between imperialist predators intensified. Very recently Russia and Turkey swore friendship, new agreements were signed, including those on the supply of military equipment, such as the latest S-400 systems. Now, Turkish government officials are threatening Russia with war, threatening to inflict a crushing blow on it, to destroy it from the inside. The «friendship» turned out to be fragile.

It is unlikely this time it comes to a large-scale war. Turkey itself will not be able to cope with Russia, even if we consider that the Russian Federation is not in the best condition. Russia has the fifth largest army in the world — 900 thousand soldiers and officers, Turkey has 500 thousand. If we take into account paramilitary groups, the difference is even greater. In addition, the Russian army is armed with more modern and better weapons, including weapons of mass destruction. But for Russia, such a clash does not bode well. The grouping of Russian troops in Syria, in case of war, will be torn off from supplies, the shortest path will be cut. The Turkish army is also not so small and weak that it could be quickly defeated. And most importantly: Turkey is a member of NATO, a war with it will mean a war with all NATO countries, which the Russian Federation will not be able to withstand.

Both parties, of course, will try to use this aggravation to achieve their goals, including domestic ones. It was about the same after the Turkish Air Force shot down the Russian Su-24. After several months of mutual accusations and various sanctions, the parties began rapprochement. Now the situation is similar to the previous one. According to media reports, Putin and Erdogan agreed to hold a meeting in order to solve the problems and smooth out tensions.

However, every new clash, every new exacerbation increases international tension, bringing a new world war closer. In the world, contradictions are sharpening more and more, the interests of imperialist countries are clashing more and more. Sooner or later, this will lead to the start of a new world war.