Repressions against workers of «Ural» Car Plant

Only a mass strike of the entire plant will help

Workers at the Ural automobile plant are reporting about pressure from the plant management.

Ural car plant
Ural car plant

Earlier, on February 28, plant workers went to the picket, where they demanded to cancel the introduction of the new “flexible” work schedule. According to the new timetable, days off will be Sunday and another unknown day set by the employer. The management, being displeased with the workers ’protests, threatens to dismiss all those who disagree and refuse to sign the new schedule.

Some workers were offered other vacancies, but these positions do not involve work in a specialty field and imply less pay.

The employer, no doubt, seeks to establish such working conditions that will bring them more profit. Workers, in turn, are trying to counter this. But how can the picket help? Notify the media so that the employer is afraid of publicity? Unfortunately, this may not be enough. What can be done then? In Europe, the proletariat defends their rights with a strike, with the broad support of comrades in the struggle not only in their working place, but also of workers in other professions. When two teams protest with the tacit consent of the majority, the employer can and will do whatever they want.