Retirement Age may rise again

Getting ready to rob again

Oksana Dmitrieva, a deputy of the St. Petersburg ZAKS, said that the retirement age might be raised again. The deputy made such a statement commenting on the study commissioned by the pension fund on the forecast of the pensioners’ life expectancy. According to numerous experts, the need for such a study is supported by the fact that the pension reform did not give the expected effect and the true goal of the study is to prepare the next “reduction» of pensioners. This opinion is confirmed by the fact that the State Duma rejected the bill on a moratorium on raising the retirement age on the first reading.

Путин и пенсионеры
Presidnt Putin and a pensioner

Thus, as our website suggested and as numerous sources and experts said, the increase in the retirement age that has recently took place was not the last one. There is a series of increases ahead that might lead right up to the complete abolition of pensions. At the same time, the Russian authorities traditionally refer to poor demography, low birth rates and growing life expectancy. However, firstly, low birth rates mean lower costs for schooling and medical care for children, and secondly, the authorities themselves are to blame for the poor demographic situation in the country. Moreover, raising the retirement age has already led to lower fertility and higher mortality.

At the same time, the retirement age would increase even if there were no demographic crisis. Then the authorities would have found another justification for the need to raise the retirement age. The reason for raising the retirement age is capitalism. The bourgeoisie do not not want to spend money on the maintenance of pensioners, offering either to work to death or to starve to death.

Working people have only one way out: to fight for their interests, to fight against any attempt by the bourgeoisie to get into their pocket, against any attempt to take away their rights.