Right to campaign against Amendments is not provided by law

The law on voting on the Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation does not provide for campaigning, but only informing citizens about the Amendments. This is what CEC member Maya Grishina responded to the opposition’s demand to provide an opportunity for campaigning against the adoption of the Amendments to the country’s main law.

Campaigning or "informing"?
Campaigning or «informing»?

The opponents of thr Presidential term «nullification» from the «No!» movement sent a letter to the CEC stating that a campaign was already underway on television and street billboards to support the changes. At the same time, the opposition has not yet been given the opportunity to convey its arguments against the Amendments to the citizens.

This creates an inequality of access to campaigning,” the authors of the appeal emphasize.

Maya Grishina replied that the materials on billboards and videos are purely informative in nature, with the goal of conveying to the citizens the meaning of the law and the Amendments to the Constitution. She also emphasized that such information will continue to be maintained.

It turns out that it is possible to inform citizens about the need for adoption of the Amendments using the resources of the CEC and pro-government propagandists, but campaigning against the changes is no longer provided by law.

This principle contains the essence of the system of “popular will” existing in Russia, which has long been an act of legitimization of the will of the ruling elite. The administrative resource and the inertia of the current laws will allow the leadership both to justify any of its actions and not to give a word to those who for some reason do not agree with the decisions taken.

Therefore, it makes no sense to hope that all sectors of society in bourgeois Russia will have equal opportunities to promote and defend their opinions. Laws in capitalist society are adopted in the interests of the ruling class, and no amendments to the Constitution will fix this situation.