ROC received money from unknown benefactors for priests’ salaries

No money for workers’ salaries

According to the Russian Orthodox Church website, philanthropists who wish to remain anonymous donated money to pay salaries to the priests of Moscow and the white clergy of the stavropegic monasteries. The allocated funds will be enough to pay salaries for two months. Earlier, the patriarch appealed to wealthy parishioners with a request to support the priests.

The ROC Patriarch is treatening with the Apocalypse
The ROC Patriarch is treatening with the Apocalypse

Obviously, Gundyaev’s request took effect, and some wealthy people paid the Moscow priests for two months of “work”. Many Russian capitalists are actively helping the Russian Orthodox Church. For example, Kozitsyn and Altushkin, the owners of the UMMC, tried to build a large church in the center of Yekaterinburg, which caused a scandal at the federal level. At the same time, however, the ‘donors’ do not have funds to support medicine, they do not pay for months of work of doctors fighting with coronavirus, they do not have money for workers whom they force to work or drive them out of work in the middle of the quarantine, which has already resulted in growth unemployment in Russia. They have no money for workers — but for the church it will always be found.

The Russian Orthodox Church, the business and the government have a mutually beneficial cooperation. The business and the government help the Russian Orthodox Church financially, organizationally and in some other ways. In response, the Russian Orthodox Church helps the business and the government in propaganda by constantly promoting the idea that power is from God, which means you cannot try to change the state of affairs established by God, you cannot rebel, as you have to always be humble. As a result, the Russian Orthodox Church receives money, and the bourgeois state and the business receive a decrease in the protest activity of the masses, which makes it possible to intensify the exploitation of the working people. Illiterate, clogged, intimidated and deceived, they are much easier to manage.

That is why churches are being built everywhere and monasteries open, while schools and hospitals are getting closed. That is why even in the most severe crisis, there is no money for medics and other workers, but there is money for priests.