Rosstat published latest data on teacher’s average salaries in regions

As usual, state funded experts claiming that «everithing is fine»

According to latest Rosstat (Russian statistics agency) data for three quarters of 2019, average teachers salary throughout the country reaches 40,337 roubles (around 632$). Selected data shows a vast difference in size of salary from 100 thousand rubles down to 21,9k.

За достойные зарплаты рабочим нужно бороться

The only way to get decent wages for a working people is through class struggle.

As stated in Rosstat report, highest salaries receive teachers in far-Eastern Chukotka region of Russia. Not far from them are their colleagues from Nenetsky autonomous region and Moscow (97,5 and 97,2k respectively).

The lowest level of wages was found in Nothern Ossetia (21,9k), Kabardino-Balkaria (22,1k) and Karachaevo-Chircassia (22,2k), all situated in Nothern Caucasus.

This new data looks suspicious, especially in spite of previous Rosstat release in June, where 23% of all education workers were receiving less than 15,8k , another 20% — less than 14,7k , and 7% received even less than minimal wage (11,28k).

It is clear, that serious impact on this data made by higher than average salaries of a management. According to June report, about 3% of education workers receive more than 100k. This is what gives to politicians reason for victorious speeches, claiming that in even in less well-off regions average salary is above 20k.

In the end, this dishonest misinterpretation of data will lead to gradual worsening of situation, because for a decision makers it is presented as «all is fine» and nothing needs to change, which is very far from truth.