Rosstat reported rise of wage arrears in Russia

It’s time to claim your rights

Rosstat had just published new data on rise of wage arrears in our country. In October 2019 this sum had risen in 3.3%.

Overall size of arrears is exeeds 2.5bln rubles. Half of this amount consists of debts created in current year. The other half was made in 2017 and 2018. 43 thousand workers are waiting for their hard-earned money to this day. Most of them are employed in construction and processing industry, ones of the most profitable sectors of Russian economy.

За работу надо платить

Meanwhile, at the same time with release of this data, media posted information about donations for flooded Venice, made by some “ordinary” Russians. Turned out, that those concerned Russians were CEO’s of biggest Russian corporations that can easily throw 1mln Euros for charitable purposes, which is about 3% of national wage arrears sum. Instead of respecting their obligations to the workers who create their riches, they choose something else, which is clearly shows their priorities.

Потоп в Венеции
Flood in Venice

As J.V.Stalin once said:

Wealthy bourgeoisie is our implacable enemy. Their wealth is build on our poverty, their happiness is made from our misery.

Our working class brethren mustn’t forget, that getting wage is their right. In capitalist state, no one will stand to protect workers rights, except for workers themselves. Refusal to work, sending requests to labour commission and prosecution office, going for strike – such are just a few methods, still allowed by current legislation. Siberian miners, Uralian stokers, Magnitogorsk paramedics and many others already chosen the path of struggle. If all other workers are wishing better lives for themselves and their families, it is only wise to join their proactive colleagues.