Russia has taken Silver Medal in US Oil Service

Becoming an international Gas Station

Russia broke into the 2nd place for energy supplies to the United States. At the same time, our “energy empire” managed to overtake Mexico. Neither economic sanctions, nor political tensions prevent the Russian oligarchs from actively selling the country’s resources to the most important “enemy”. War is war, and business is business.

Российская нефть
the Russian Oil

According to the US Department of Energy, in October 2019, Russia became the second largest energy supplier to the United States of America. At that time, 20.9 million barrels of oil and oil products were sold in the United States. Russia managed to squeeze Mexico (17.0 million barrels) and Saudi Arabia (13.7 million barrels) out of the leading positions. True, the sales leader is still very far away: Canada holds the first place, which sold 136.5 million barrels in the USA.

Oil and gas exports are still a key revenue item in the Russian budget. The big words of the president and the government about “import substitution” turn out to be cheap populism. In the international division of labor, capitalist Russia continues to play the unenviable role of the global gas station. At the same time, profits from the sales of Russian subsoil are mainly deposited in the pockets of the oligarchs. And, as we can see, no political contradictions and sanction wars prevent them from active trade with the country which is positioned in the Russian media as the main «enemy» of Russia. In other words, the interests of Russian business are closely related to the United States, and not only through trade operations.

Is it possible count on the Russian elite to defend the national interests of the country? The answer is obvious.