Russian deputy asks police to «protect the rich»

Capitalists fear those who are getting poorer and poorer

«From the mouth of babes shall come the truth». In the Russian context, it is sometimes high officials, not babies. Many of them get tired of the constant game of hypocrisy, and then the class truth breaks out: «you can live on macaroni” and “the state did not ask you to give birth” … On March 10, the deputy of Tyumen Regional Duma Vladimir Piskaykin distinguished himself. At the following meeting, he asked the chief police officer, how exactly the police were going to “protect the rich” during the economic crisis? Of course, from the poor, who, due to the devaluation of the ruble, may be on the verge of survival. In 2018, the deputy himself earned 63.5 million rubles, and therefore sincerely worries about his safety.

Vladimir Piskaykin
Vladimir Piskaykin

An curious dialogue took place at the meeting of the regional Duma committee on state building and local self-government. The head of Tyumen region department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Leonid Kolomiets, also attended the meeting. The deputy Piskaykin asked him without a second thought:

“I have a question for the police. As we know, the dollar is growing, oil price is falling. It seems to me that in such moments there is always a surge of crime. Here we are protecting our children and everyone we have mentioned today. My question is: is there operational information on how we will protect the rich? ”

When Kolomiyets said that he did not fully understand the question, Piskaykin readily specified:

“Well, marauders won’t go robbing the poor, right?»

The response of the chief policeman is also worthy of attention. He emphasized that the suppression of felonies like robberies «is a priority» of operational workers. If a rich person has reasons to worry about their safety, then, in the opinion of Kolomiyets, they should contact the police, and they will figure out how serious the matter is. An alternative is to contact a private security company. In general, the hint is clear: you will definitely be protected, just pay the money.

Rosgvardia police officers
Rosgvardia police officers

The deputy, without realizing it, asked the question that worries many capitalists, and they do not sit idly by. The state has repeatedly confirmed that the main enemy of the Russian Federation is its own people. It is not for nothing that the Rosgvardia forces get new weapons from year to year, even missiles and sniper rifles. It is not for nothing that the authorities conduct demonstration exercises to disperse striking workers and even teach children to baton. No wonder President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on cutting expenses on social welfare and — at the same time! — increased spending on gendarme police functions.

The rulers of Russia studied well the works of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. They understand perfectly well: the crisis is inevitable, and then a social explosion is inevitable. In order for the rich to remain rich, they hastily arm themselves, prepare to meet the impoverished population fully equipped, prepare to drown popular protests in blood. Such is the inevitable future of Russia with the preservation of capitalism.