«Russian healthcare system is incapable of self-maintenance»

They have money but do not spend it

Russian healthcare system cannot modernize nor sustain itself properly», said Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in the program «Moscow.Kremlin.Putin» on state-funded Rossiya1 channel.

«Its been more than 10 years already, and we must unfortunately acknowledge that (Russian) healthcare system lacks necessary self-regulatory mechanisms capable of maintaining high level of service, providing modern equipment, medical personnel,etc».

During his speech Peskov complained about unwillingness of medical personnel to relocate in rural areas despite the possibilities of working with modern equipment and participation in specialized training program. Peskov also noted that Russian state possesses all necessary funds to achieve these goals, but the government still has not decided how to allocate them in the most efficient way possible.

Bearing in mind that this was spoken on air at second biggest Russian state-funded TV channel, propagandistic in its nature, we must admit that Peskov tells the truth. Of course, he never intended to shed the light on the whole state of affairs, yet it was something. But at the same time, not a word was said concerning the reasons behind those problems, such as huge government spending cuts, and that ordinary people fall victims to so-called «optimization» policy. He didn’t mention that lots of Russians cannot afford to buy drugs, and some of essential drugs cannot be found on the shelves of drugstores.

In the light of the things mentioned above, logical conclusion comes out – that Russian healthcare system continues its race to the bottom, that situation became so bad that even state propaganda has to admit it, shows the true scale of ongoing disaster.