Russian oligarchs donated more than 1mln $ to Theresa May campaign fund

Such a show of generocity!

According to British “The Times”, Russian oligarchs donated more than 1mln USD for a Concervative party of UK since July 2016, which equals to almost 70 mln of Russian rubles.

Such reveal can hit May’s reputation as she promised not to accept Russian money. But, as one Roman emperor said “Money doesn’t smell”. Everyone needs them. Besides, taking money from concerned entities by politicians not concidered as a crime under capitalism. They even legalized this form of corruption, calling it lobbying.

Russian oligarchs found themselves in isolation after 2014, and from there on are desperatly trying to find a safe haven for wealth they stolen from our society. Turkey, Japan, UK – anywhere will do, if it allow them to preserve what they ripped of our Motherland before people will throw them out by force. Until they cannot guarantee that safe haven for themselves, their families and capitals, they will continue policy of fascization and supression freedom of speech.