Russian Orthodox Church opposed the ban on visiting churches in St. Petersburg

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The Russian Orthodox Church called the ban on visiting religious institutions, imposed by the authorities of St. Petersburg, unconstitutional. As stated in the Russian Orthodox Church, this ban contradicts the provision of the Constitution on freedom of conscience and religion. The ban was introduced by the authorities of St. Petersburg in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

One of the main functions of church
One of the main functions of church

The Church representatives once again demonstrate obscurantism and self-interest, hiding behind the Constitution. The ban on visiting churches is in no way connected with freedom of conscience and does not contradict this provision of the Constitution. We are talking about reasonable precautions, because the church is a place of crowding, which increases the risk of infection. It should be noted that this risk in churches is much higher than in movies or in cafes — believers often kiss icons and other objects of worship, which can lead to the transmission of infection (and not only coronavirus).

The outrage of the Russian Orthodox Church is simply explained. A large number of objects of worship are sold in churches, parishioners make donations to the church. Now, when the ban is introduced, parishioners will cease to bring money — and the Russian Orthodox Church will suffer losses.

Thus, the ROC directly and indirectly contributes to the infection spread. Directly — by imposing false ideas about diseases, imposing unhealthy behavior, contrary to basic hygiene standards. Indirectly — by the fact that the funds allocated for the construction of churches could be spent on the construction of hospitals, research centers, and the improvement of education.