Russian parliamentarians started getting infected with COVID-19

A deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party faction Dmitry Novikov confirmed to RIA Novosti that he had got a coronavirus infection — the test he passed showed a positive result. Earlier, his colleague informed the media about his hospitalization — also a deputy from the Communist Party, Leonid Kalashnikov. The test was negative, however, computed tomography showed foci of inflammation in the lungs, indicating coronavirus. According to the parliamentarian, he got infected from his driver.

The State Duma deputies
The State Duma deputies

“I’m in hospital. I am being treated for coronavirus,” he told Interfax.

Kalashnikov spent a week in quarantine, and then he was hospitalized with symptoms of the disease. At the moment, the deputy is in hospital with a high temperature, not connected to the ventilator.

Two deputies of the State Duma have already been diagnosed with coronavirus. This happened after two mass inspections conducted in late March and mid-April.

The Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that the Communist Party will not expose party members to testing on COVID-19, since Kalashnikov was not present at recent meetings. Meanwhile, Kalashnikov participated in the plenary meeting of the State Duma on April 14. Zyuganov believes that at that moment the parliamentarian «was not sick yet.»

“We are all in God’s hands,” the Communist Party leader told Interfax.

Russian politicians were previously diagnosed with coronavirus, too. In early April, there was an outbreak of the disease in the Moscow City Duma. On April 18, Ivan Zhukov, a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, died from injuries caused by a coronavirus infection.

COVID-19 was detected in more than 74,000 people in our country. Over the past day, 5,966 people fell ill. A total of 681 people died, 6,250 people have recovered so far.

It is time to realize that not only ordinary workers fall victims of coronavirus, but also people in power. The probability of infection for such citizens is much lower, and therefore we are obliged to pay attention to these cases in order to remain cautious and responsible.

In addition to the economic problems that the disease brings to big capital and to ordinary citizens, COVID-19 brings death. A particularly terrible situation is developing in the economically backward countries of Asia and Africa, ruined by international large companies. The coronavirus is about to take more than three million lives on the continent.

Despite the fact that this point of view is unpopular among left-wing movements and parties, we ask our comrades to stay at home and not physically contact with the outside world, since in the interests of the working people, fighters should stay healthy.