Russian planes will get a VIP edition

SSJ-100 and MC-21 – now in new edition

Minister of Industrial production Denis Manturov announced information about current project of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of creation VIP models of SSJ-100 and MC-21 planes.

ВИП самолет

Lately, in August 2019, the only foreign airline company that still uses SSJ-100, based in Mexico, announced their intent to sell their Superjets. That means, that only Russian companies are using them now.

The price of production of one such plane varies from 1.5 to 2.5 billion dollars. To this day 194 Sukhoi SuperJet planes were produced, and two of them were destroyed in air catastrophes. 118 of them are currently in service of airlines (including mexican Interjet).

Apparent flaws in construction, service and sales of SSH-100 forces owners of the company to find “new strategies of development”. Some of them are making no sense. In September 2019 CEO of Rostech (state corporation that owns UAC), Mr Sergey Chemezov suggested to change the name of the plane from English to Russian, as it somehow will affect the situation. And now they are trying to appeal to a wealthy audience.

Meanwhile, they are carefully avoiding the subject of current state of affairs in Russian aircraft industry, that has limited capabilities for serial manufacture of new planes. It was proven by latest letter of LC “Remvooruzhenie” (also part of Rostech) to their subsidiaries with suggestion to start production of MC-21 spare parts, pointing that aircraft plant, based in Irkutsk, is incapable to keep up with the plan.


Failing to compete with western companies in production and service of civil aircraft, desire to get financial support from government, possibility of reaping profits from sales, and, what is most important – absence of responcibility to provide ordinary citizens with affordable flights to travel across the country, leads them to the idea to produce for the “chosen few”. If remaking of planes into cinemas (as it was done with outdated aircraft before) will increase the profits, capitalists will do it without hesitation. Their pockets are much more important for them, than society’s interests.