Russian priest put on a gas mask at church service as joke

“Pray and do not be afraid of death from illness”

Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Tkachev put on a gas mask for a sermon in the church to express his protest against the mass wearing of medical masks and panic in the media against the backdrop of the coronavirus. The video from the service was published by journalist Roman Golovanov in his own account on Instagram.

Putting on a gask mask during church services

In the video, the archpriest, under church hymns, is coming out to the parishioners in a gas mask. The laughter of the believers is heard.

“I hope you will laugh at all this demonic filth. This Satan’s creation has tortured us, all this damned evil», — said Anredy Tkachev after removing the gas mask.

The archpriest explained that there would be no coronavirus if you turn off the TV. He urged the Russians to pray more and not to worry about death from illness.

Tkachev is not the first one. In late January, Igor Zuev, the rector of the Church of St. Nicholas in Golutvin, explained that it was impossible to get the coronavirus in church during the sacrament.

Priests also believe that it is possible to be saved from diseases with the help of religious processions, communion and targeted prayers for salvation, kisses of icons and other surfaces of mass worship.

Despite the growing number of deaths from COVID-19, especially in Europe, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill was able to find benefits for the church.

“The Lord calls on our overly confident technological society, where people are sure anything is accessible and possible, to evaluate its capabilities and realize the fragility of this civilization … so that we, without losing spiritual optimism, understand that everybody needs God. These circumstances should strengthen us in our faith so that doubters become believers”, the patriarch said.

Coronavirus VS ROC
Coronavirus VS ROC

The attitude of the church towards the sufferings of the mankind is best described with the formula «The worse, the better.» In conditions of general fear, the Russian Orthodox Church hopes to increase the number of parishioners, not caring about the life and health of Russian people and their loved ones.

We are certain that it is not faith in a higher power but the development of science, technology and a non-market mode of production that is the only way to avoid disasters in the future, better world.