Russians spend almost 700 bln rubles in private healthcare bills in 2018

What to do for those who do not have enough money?

In 2018 Russians spended almost 678 billions of rubles.

Sales are rising, while hospitals emptying

In comparison with 2017 8% increase of spending was witnessed – about 50 bln roubles. Average price of first appointment in doctor’s cabinet is around 725 rubles. Session of physical therapy – 190 rubles, blood sample analysis – 382 RR. Average dentist bill is around 4000 RR.

Rise of profits in private healthcare sector goes hand-in-hand with final destruction of public healthcare. Even Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov “delivered his verdict” to national healthcare system, describing it as ineffective. Another example of dire situation in medicine is Nyzhny Tagil clinic crisis, where another round of salary cuts forced all surgical personnel to quit jobs, so whole district now has no availible surgeons in vicinity!

There is no doubt that capitalist state is contributing to this destruction, because with putting burden of paying for healthcare on society it will allow them to relocate taxpayers money into more interesting for them directions, such as bailing out big corporations from debt, accumulated by irresponsible decisions of their management, that award themselves with millions in bonuses! Meanwhile, state propaganda preaches to us from the screen that our economy will be saved by… small businesses, which never happened in human history. It seems, that they have a very low opinion of people’s intellectual capabilities, because majority still remember such lies were told to cover up destruction of economy and education, and now healthcare is next.