Sale of pharmaceutical drugs in Russia are no longer requires certification procedure

Market is growing at the expence of a public healthcare

From 29th of November new government decree, which was signed by prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev, will take effect. In short, this decree abolishes mandatory certification of pharmaceutical drugs.

Instead of cerification, producers will now provide Roszdravnadzor (Inspection body), with information of compliance of products to standards, prescribed for such drug. Based on this data, Roszdravnadzor will issue permission to produce. Prime-minister Medvedev stated, that this decision was long expected, and he also hopes that it will help to speed up the process of filling market with drugs.

«People were constantly asking us about this» – claimed prime-minister.

Live long and prosper
Prime-minister Medvedev

It would be interesting to know, who are those people that asked government to abolish mandatory certification of drugs? Definetly not the patients of our “optimised” public healthcare system, that will take the word of producers about the quality of their drugs just to buy necessary medication. We can guess, but such concerned individuals must be those, who will profit from such decisions the most, such as Alexey Repil (R-Farm, net worth 900mln USD in 2017), Vadim Yakunin (Protek, net worth 1200mln USD in 2017), and other “kings of government contracts”, whose companies always winning tendets for procurement of drugs to state institutions.

деньги и лекарства

By the way, process of certification is very important – such procedure provided guarantee of quality and compliance in written form. When we talking about pharmaceutical drugs, it is that human lives are at stake. But who cares about this, when rise of profits caused by filling the market at the horizon? Pharmaceutical industry considered as one of the most profitable spheres of enterprenual activity, especially in situation when capitalists don’t care about health conditions of their workers. Occupational and season ilnesses are waiting for them, wvery step along the way, and owners of big pharma corporations are eager to sell them their unsertified drugs of questionable quality.