Scandal happened during meeting of united left in Moscow

At 7th of November’s traditional meeting of all-left political groups, ROT Front party representative harshly criticized appearance of nationalists and paid up extras. After his speech, all party supporters had left the event, while organizers of meeting accused ROT Front of being “sellouts”.

As usual, various political organizations participated in this meeting, such as OKP(United Communist Party), “Communists of Russia”, RKRP, ROT Front, political movement Drugaya Rossia (Another Russia), Left Front, Left Bloc and others. About 400 people gathered at this event, mostly political activists. Alexander Batov, 1st secretary of Moscow committee of ROT Front party, took the floor after two other speakers. His words came out in strong discord with celebrating rhetoric of other speakers.

Appeliang to expiriences of creators of October revolution, Batov reminded to the audience about qualities possesed by bolshevics, such as integrity, understanding of ideology and will to work with it’s social base of working class. According to Batov, most of participants of this meeting lacking those qualities. He also criticised organizers of meeting for allowing participation for party “Communists of Russia”, which is infamous for hiring extras to fill their ranks at meetings. After making this statement, RKRP and ROT Front activists left the meeting.

Co-host of event, OKP representative Denis Sommer responded that Batov was a “sellout” and “let God judge him”, while giving a floor for a “Communists of Russia” representatives.

Before the event took place, this issue was discussed with other members of organizing committee, concerning possibility of participation of highly controversial groups such as Drugaya Rossia and “Communists of Russia”. Leader of Moscow branch of RKRP Yuri Vershinsky had warned committee, that communists would not tolerate participation of “Kremlin stooges”, which is a proper term for describing “Communists of Russia”. Yet again, organizers neglected position of ROT Front and RKRP, so party representative informed the committee, that their supporters would leave from event.

It is worth mentioning, that members of this committee are the same people responsible for a 1th of May Labor Day demonstration, when they allowed participation even to far right! Moreover, they’ve invited so called “monstrants”, who just mock any political activism, making it absurd. These “monstrants” came for a Labor Day parade with mocking slogans, such as “Psych-Labor-May” (twisted version of traditional Soviet motto “Peace-Labor-May”). RKRP and ROT Front refused to take part in such stupidity, while organizers, on other hand, consider participation of “monstrants” as some kind of achievement.