Siluanov shared his thoughts regarding tax exemptions for poor citizens

Minister is concerned with filling of the budget

Minister of finance shared his thoughts on idea to ontroduce tax exemptions for poor citizens from personal income tax. He said that first of all “we must analyze how it will affect regional budgets”.

We must point out, that in some way groups of our citizens already benefits from tax exemptions, but not the most poor- on the contrary, the most wealthy enjoying it. Smallest taxes on intangible wealth in Europe, lack of progressive taxation, and constant flight of capital into offshores, where big capitalists, oligarchs and high-ranking officials hiding their stolen money is just a few pieces of this mosaic. Yet despite all of this we never heard any concernes from the authorities about possible problems of filling the budgets.

Министр финансов Антон Силуанов

There is clear and obvious explanation for this – Siluanov and other ministers and government as a whole is working for protection of capitalist’s interests. That is why working class pays more in taxes than rich do, while capitalists can avoid it without any repercussions.

Unless working class men and women decide to unite themselves in organisation that will fight to protect their interests and will force government to respect their rights, nothing will change. The only way to make government tax the rich is to push them hard enough by decisive and united efforts of working class.