Six-fold Increase in Russian Debts over 10 Years

The worsening burden of Russian citizens

According to the RIA Novosti news agency, between 2010 and 2019, the debts of Russians increased six times. By the end of 2019, for every economically active citizen of Russia, there were an average of 18-20 thousand rubles of overdue debts, which amounted to 66% of the average salary in the country.

Долги россиян увеличиваются
The debts of Russian citizens are growing

At the same time, in 2010 for each economically active resident there was an average of 3 thousand rubles of overdue debt, which amounted to 15% of the average salary in the country.

Such statistics are an excellent indicator of the financial situation of the population. The figures indicate that people simply have nothing to live on. They have no money left that they could save or use to pay their debts to banks. Every year, more and more people find themselves below the poverty line, and only the termination of the state predatory policies can fix this.