Soloviev criticised the idea to cut government funding for his TV show

Who would’ve thought

Infamous Israeli-Russian propagandist Soloviev labeled idea of cutting government funding for his controversial TV show as a cry for imposing political censorship. This idea was suggested by blogger Cyrill Shulika suggested that this money may find better use if spended for financing social initiatives of the government. Soloviev also described his critic as “radical nationalist”, whose name should not be pronounced in public.

The debate between Putin’s court propagandist and nationalist, especially on topic of political censorship seems spectular by itself. While Soloviev described cutting of spending of taxpayers money for propagandist TV show as imposing of political censorship, he neglected the fact that the such censorship already exists there. It is almost impossible to find any signs of criticism of government policies on Russian federal TV. Of course, if nationalists posessed such tool, as state-funded media in their hands, they would’ve imposed their censorships that will promote their narrow views, and Soloviev’s show may even stay on air under their rule with small changes in narrative to promote new power’s agenda.

Опиум народа с Владимиром Соловьёвым

Meanwile, it is unknown what Mr Shulika’s statements were made for – to show his political naïvete, or to gain attention from vague populist statements? Everyone in our country knows, that Soloviev’s show is a state propaganda tool, used for indoctrination of fellow citizens with “the only true” point of view at events in Russia and the world. It means, that existence of such shows serves the interests of a ruling class, and there is no doubt, if Mr Shulika and his associates took the office, financing of such shows will continue, because they also need the tools for brainwashing the population and instigating hatred towards “foreign threats” while neglecting domesting problems.