Split happened In Kirov region branch of CPRF

Official “communists” are incapable of protection of people’s interests.

Kirov Region branch of CPRF (Communist Party of Russian Federation) announced a split in 2 opposing sides. Two deputats, Anatoly Churin and Leonid Sandalov were thrown out of party for “supporting Bykov and the oligarchs”. Today in support of disgraced have spoken other “communist” Alexey Ovechkin.

Conflict started with failed attempts of boycotting the work of Kirov region local assembly under chairman Vladimir Bykov. Churin and Sandalov oppesed such decision, which caused their exclusion from the party. In turn, they proclaimed that they hadn’t voted for Sergey Mamaev, who is current leader of CPRF in Kirov. Another “fat cat” of a party, Ovechkin supported their remarks.

Votintsev and Mamaev

According to Ovechkin, he never voted for another leader of the party, Alexey Votincev, who is in charge of CPRF at Kirov local Duma, stating :

”Just take a look at minutes of meeting from 26/9/2017, where my name is listed, saying that I made a report to the audience, and also voted together with Marina Sozontova for Votintsev, but for some unknown reason didn’t sign my vote ”.

What is interesting is that only two signatures were foud on aforementioned document – that of elected Votincev and Sozontova.

Votincev replied on such accusations, calling his opponents “political prostitutes”, and advised them to go with such complaints into a court. “Public statements of (deputates) … are false ” – claims official party Internet page.

So, instead of protecting interests of working people in capitalist state, as they are claiming to do, “official communists” are busy with internal conflicts. Each side claims to be enemies of oligarchy, that eager to “tell the truth” It is not our business to find out who is right or wrong, because they are really well integrated in current political system, dominated by Yedinaya Rossija party (United Russia).

But all these “fighters for a truth” not so eager to admit, that a huge deputat’s salary, payed by capitalist state is a big help in fight for their cause. Salary from a state that puts interest of oligarchy first.

They already have it all

CPRF is definetly not helping working class to achieve its goals. Their main function is to “support enforcing presidential decrees”.

It is a widespread practice for a party members to defect into a ranks of United Russia, which is ironic due to fact that CPRF maintains its voter base by criticism of actions of ruling party.

Their motivation is simple – why would you bite the hand that feeds, if it is much easier to create a political spectacle without any responsibility?