State Duma believes that Constitution Amendments will help to cope with pandemic

Optimism or populism?

Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Chairman of the State Duma committee on state building and legislation, said in an interview with TASS that the amendments to the Russian Constitution, adopted on March, 14, could solve the problems that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown regime introduced in connection with it.

The Constitution
The Constitution

Krasheninnikov made this statement in connection with the publication of the rating “The utility ratio of deputies in the State Duma”, where, in the company of two more representatives of «The United Russia» party, he headed the list.

According to the deputy, while preparing the Amendments, the working group was ahead of the curve and did everything absolutely right. Its representatives could hardly have predicted the consequences of the pandemic that had hit the country and the world, but nevertheless, the text of the main law of the Russian Federation already contains a solution to many pressing issues, such as accessibility and quality of medical care, social support for the population, and care for children.

Krasheninnikov noted that the state is already helping a number of categories of citizens, as well as supporting business suffering from a pandemic. Thus, it leads to the conclusion that even the Amendments that have not yet entered into force are already bringing tangible benefits to the Russian people.

Such peppy statements could bring some optimism to the current tense situation if they had any good reason. But behind the words about social support of the population and assistance to business, we see by no means the growth of salaries and developing industries (or at least maintaining the economy at the same level), but the increase in prices and massive reductions. As for the availability of medical services, the authorities themselves had to admit that serious problems are possible here.

Therefore, these statements, in our opinion, should be considered just a cheap populist move, another attempt by the authorities to convince citizens at any cost that the laws that will finally fix the power of capital were created for the benefit of the common people.