State Duma deputy claims pension reform is effective

Bourgeois propaganda in action

Representatives of the country’s leadership do not agree that the implementation of the pension reform negatively affects the financial situation of pensioners. Thus, Svetlana Bessarab, a State Duma deputy from «The United Russia» party, said in an interview with Tsargrad television channel that there were currently no poor pensioners left in Russia.

Депутат Светлана Бессараб
Svetlana Bessarab

The deputy believes that both recipients of social pensions and recipients of old-age insurance pensions got out of poverty. People who are happy with the pension reform, as she claims, often come to see her as their representative in the Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans’ Affairs.

Unfortunately, such optimistic statements by the parliamentarian do not even fit in with the official data provided by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, which explicitly states that the decreased number of pension payment recipients did not increase the standard of living of those who had already retired. Also, what would you call the state of a citizen receiving a pension equal to their official subsistence minimum — 8,846 rubles? And 9% of Russians receive even less than this amount!

At the same time, one should not be surprised at such, as it might seem at the first glance, illogical statements by officials. The ruling class, which has embarked on the pension reform with the goal of stuffing its wallet tighter, will not rob people completely without looking around. The more information about the true essence of the ongoing reforms leaks out, the more often there will be attempts to refute it and reassure people, saying that in fact, everything is fine and everything is going according to the plan.

We have already heard statements by bourgeois propagandists that the pension reform is a blessing and must be continued. They constantly try to convince us that the bourgeois state owes us nothing and that the people just need to work harder. The recent statement by Bessarab can be attributed to the same attempts to throw dust in the eyes of citizens, to convince them that the government has chosen the only right course to follow.

The only true course for capitalist leaders is the course of exploitation and robbery of the common people. Workers should keep this in mind when they listen to the optimistic lies of yet another bourgeois propagandist.