State Duma deputy proposed to ban export of food waste to landfills

Garbage collapse is just around the corner

State Duma deputy Sergei Vostretsov proposed to ban legal entities from transporting food waste to solid domestic waste landfills. A letter with such a proposal has already been sent to the government. The initiative is caused by the fact that the waste situation in the country is critical. Out of the 2,832 landfills currently operating, only 1,153 comply with legal requirements. At the same time, the capacity of the existing landfills will only suffice for the next 3-5 years.

"Kuchino" landfill near Balashikha town
«Kuchino» landfill near Balashikha town

The difficult situation with waste has developed not only in Russia, but throughout the world, especially in developed countries. Plastic trash has already formed an island in the Pacific. Researchers find plastic in the stomachs and even meat of marine animals. On land, huge landfills create a lot of problems: bad smell, poor sanitary conditions; in addition, large areas of land are withdrawn from circulation in order to use them for landfills.

Meanwhile, a significant part of the garbage — plastic, glass, textile waste, metals — can be recycled, moreover, it is a valuable raw material. Irreplaceable resources will be saved. Food waste can be used to feed livestock, and this measure will reduce feed consumption. The proper use of waste makes it possible, on the one hand, to save the Earth’s resources, and on the other, it eliminates the need to bury huge masses of waste, which is harmful to the environment and also requires large material costs.

A prerequisite for the transition to a modernized method of processing waste is the creation of a unified economic system in which the collection and processing of recyclables are established. Implementation requires appropriate infrastructure, the development of which requires large investments. What should be done? At the very least, we have to create a unified system for the collection and recycling of garbage nationwide, only in this case the desired effect will be achieved. Naturally, in the conditions of capitalism it is impossible to create such a system, since in the conditions of a market capitalist economy, the concentration of efforts of all sectors of the national economy is unattainable.