State Duma Deputy supports introducing God into the Constitution

«The Opium of the people» as the part of the Big Law

A deputy of the State Duma from «United Russia» party, Alexander Iltyakov, supported the proposal of Patriarch Kirill to make a mention of faith in God in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. According to the deputy, now everyone should think about how to prepare themselves for the next life without building a paradise on earth. According to the deputy, the idea of Orthodoxy does not contradict the Constitution, moreover, he emphasized that there are no atheists in the country.

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Patriarch Kirill

However, life itself refutes the deputy’s words. His thesis that “there are no atheists in Russia” is refuted by a recent message from the city of Sarov, where unknown atheists left the inscription “There is no God!” on the wall of a local church. A criminal case was instituted on this fact.

This statement of the State Duma deputy reflects the mood and intentions of the ruling class. They need religion and the church to maintain the stability of the system, in order to sedate workers. The deputy says this almost openly: «Do not build paradise on earth …» If you translate it from the church-political language into understandable English, then we can say this: «do not wish a good life, but think what will happen to you after death.» The ruling class is very happy with this situation: instead of fighting for their interests, the working people will patiently endure all the mockery of the masters, hoping that after death they will go to heaven.

Religious obscurantism will continue to spread throughout Russia. The more clericalization is lobbied, the more contradictions will grow in society, the more dissatisfaction the working class will show.