Stokers went on strike in Sverdlovsk region

The result of the work of «effective managers»

Stokers of Sosnowy Bor village in Sverdlovsk region had stopped working and organised strike due to company’s debt of workers wages, which they had not seen for months. The situation is also complicates with a fact that company’s accounts are blocked for avoiding taxation. If furnaces will stay without work for too long, it will threaten almost 1500 inhabitants of village with possibility of freezing. Prosecution office announced that it had started to investigate into affair

We have no doubt, that some people will start to accuse stokers for threatening lives of people, but it would be false assumption. It is fault of a company and their “effective managers” that spend people’s money, received as payment for providing them with services on God knows what. What is more important, such show of consciousness can protect village inhabitants from worse – if the company had accumulated such huge debts for govt and workers, it is natural to suppose that they also neglected safety regulations and conditions of equipment. Now when strike had attracted attention of authorities and society, some hope emerged of introduction of a minimal resemblance of order.