Strike of Finnish post office workers is supported by other unions

The strength of the workers is in unity

After week had passed since beginning of post office workers strike in Finland, more of their comrades from other various trade unions joined to support their fight. Strike was caused by introduction of new project of collective contract, which will lead to significant losses of postmen’s wages.

Other unions, such Union of Aircraft workers (IAU) and Aviation union (MAC) had stopped sorting out of post in airports, sailors union also threatened to do so with post on archipelago. Tomorrow Union of civil servants and welfare (JHL) will join the fight, as well as Railroad Union (RAU), threatening to stop railway communication for a day in country. In the mid-week time workers of service sector and union of electricians will also stay in solidarity with postmen.

If authorities and workers will be unable to reach a common ground in a week, members of Union of autoworkers and delivery services proposed to support their comrades.

Recent talks between strikers and employers happened in Sunday, yet achieved nothing. Vuokko Piekala, government middlewoman on labor disputes was incapable to find a satisfactory solution to the parties.

While we cannot describe Finnish capitalists as imperialists, they, as any other capitalist elite are striving towards maximisation of profits, and government is only a tool in hands of a ruling class. Just take a look at previous moderator of similar talks between construction workers and employers – Minna Helle, when her impartiality was questioned by union members.

In spite of current events in Finland, we can only congratulate our neighbours on such impressive show on solidarity, and at the same time, complain about union’s focus on achieving only tactical and not strategic victories.