Taxi Drivers must work 12 hours to make Average Income

Beyond health and efficiency

Izvestia newspaper published data from a study conducted by Europlan leasing company on its request. The calculations concerned the work of Moscow taxi drivers and showed that in order to have an average earnings for the capital city, drivers must work 300 hours a month.

Уставший таксист
A tired taxi driver

In total, we get 25 business days, 12 hours each. It means an employee will be able to receive 75 thousand rubles a month, which is the average earnings of taxi drivers in Moscow. If a driver works a usual «five-day» week, eight hours a day, then their income will be only 20-25 thousand. To earn 88 thousand rubles (the average Moscow salary as of December 2019), you will have to travel 13-14 hours a day in the city traffic jams.

According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the duration of the working week should be 40 hours, and overtime work should not exceed 4 hours for no more than two consecutive days. The Ministry of Transport is taking measures to prevent violations of these standards by drivers. On one hand, this is necessary: ​​after all, a tired taxi driver loses reaction speed, their attentiveness weakens. In 2019 in Moscow the number of accidents involving taxis increased by 80% compared to the previous year. On the other hand, as follows from the presented calculations, a driver who works according to the norms loses almost four times in earnings! This makes taxi drivers neglect their health, the well-being of passengers, and the technical condition of the car.

Obviously, fines and other administrative penalties are not a way out of the situation. The fine for labor standards violation, according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, is 1.5-2 thousand rubles, which does not compare with the loss in income. It would seem that the solution may lie in finding a compromise between drivers and taxi aggregators, but the latter are not ready to make concessions. We have already published materials on the confrontation between workers and entrepreneurs in this industry, and since then little has changed in this regard. This is not surprising: attempts to eradicate liberal contradictions of the fundamental contradiction of market economy — the exploitation of labor — are obviously doomed to failure. Socialist economy can give people the opportunity to live and work with dignity. Taxidrivers and other working people of Russia should fight for it.