Teachers of Verkhneuralsk are ready to strike

Rights are gained only through struggle

Teachers of school №1 of Verkhneuralsk are ready to strike. Their anger is caused by decrease in rate of payment for inspection of student’s exercise books. 26 teachers had signed an open letter to governor of Chelyabinsk region Alexey Texler.

We reserve our right to withdraw from signing new agreement on new amendments in labor contract, which will lead to stopping of education process, was stated in the letter for Mr Texler and local authorities

Teachers of Verkhneuralsk are ready to strike

It is important to point out that previously teachers had received a small raise (around 500 rubles) in accordance with presidential decree. Obviously schools management decided to compensate themselves by decreasing payments for inspection of students exercise books, thus stealing 900 rubles from teachers pockets, which is clear rip-off scheme.

Teachers gave authorities 5 days to satisfy their demands, in other case they would have no choice but strike.

It is unknown whether all of the teachers decided to join the strike action, which is of crucial importance – the more people joins the strike, the higher its chances to succeed. Besides, it will make a good example for our working class brothers and sisters, when civil servants in education will get what they deserve in a good old class struggle. They’ve decided to fight, without fear for repercussions. That’s the spirit we so desperatly need now.