The head of Kaluga proposed to cut off the Hands of Bribe Takers

Bribes will pay the way out of punishment

Dmitry Denisov, the interim mayor of Kaluga, proposed chopping off hands as punishment for bribe-takers and to to shoot unscrupulous developers. The official later noted that his words were taken out of context and what he really meant was that administrative measures are often ineffective.

Коррупция и лоббизм
Corruption VS Lobbism

Russia is periodically shocked by corruption scandals of various magnitude, with hundreds of millions and billions of rubles being stolen. Moreover, the verdicts of the courts really amaze with their gentleness: for example, the famous Evgenia Vasilieva, was sentenced to five years in jail for real estate fraud that cost the government roughly 2 billion rubles in damages. In reality, she spent only 34 days in the colony. Other corrupt officials also receive minor punishment.

Of course, toughening the punishment to a certain extent can reduce the level of corruption in the country. However, firstly, there will be in fact no toughening, since the lawmakers themselves are often mired in corruption and are not very eager to worsen their fate in advance. Secondly, even toughening legislation will not eradicate the main cause of corruption: capitalism.

Thus, even if you chop off hands or shoot for bribery, the situation will not change much. Yes, the level of corruption will decrease slightly, and that’s all. The example of neighboring China clearly shows that even the shooting does not lead to a serious reduction in corruption. To defeat corruption, it is necessary to eliminate its cause — capitalism.