The Ministry of Finance claimed betting offices to be systemically important

Those who need the biggest support

The Commission on improving the economy sustainability, formed by the government, considered the company LLC «F.O.N.», also known as Fonbet bookmaker agency, to be one of the 600 system-forming companies in the Russian Federation. In this context, «backbone» enterprises are understood as the most important companies that keep the stability of the Russian economy, and that the government can provide support to in the events of the crisis. A complete list of companies has been published by Interfax.

Fonbet bookmaker agency
Fonbet bookmaker agency

The list itself appeared in 2008 — at that time, a little more than 300 companies were included in it, but in 2015 the list was reduced to about 200. Now, in the current difficult economic situation, the government decided to issue another edition, adding new companies to the list and increasing it by almost two and a half times. In addition, if we refer to the draft government decree, the presence on the list, in addition to the possibility of obtaining state support, will also mean a moratorium on bankruptcy.

This is happening against the background of Sobyanin’s statement that Moscow’s budget will “crack” if it starts supporting Russians in self-isolation, who have lost their incomes because of it. Whether the budget will «crack» due to the state support to the bookmaker’s office is, of course, a rhetorical question, but it allows one to feel the true atmosphere of the “nationwide” fight against coronavirus.

It is also interesting that the Ministry of Finance proposed adding fifty banks, brokers and other financial organizations to the list, but received a rejection from the government. Indeed, who else is there to be supported, if not banks and exchange brokers? After all, even loan and tax «vacation» announced to the people is, as it turns out, is not really a «vacation».