The municipality of Bogorodsk impedes the operation of the tannery

In the town of Bogorodsk, which is a major center of leather production, a conflict has occured between the PUKK Municipal Unitary Enterprise and the leather factory that opened in October 2019.

The Bogorodsk Tanning factory
The Bogorodsk Tanning factory

The conflict was caused by the closure of the sewage system to the enterprise by MUE “PUKK”. The official reason was the absense of the contract between the organizations, but the factory director’s attempts were unsuccessful. In MUE «PUKK» office he was told that the collector system is in emergency condition and cannot be used under any circumstances.

Thus, the factory is in a hopeless situation. To continue production, they need a collector. Since the municipal management blocked access to the existing collector, they will need to build their own, and this costs money, to earn which the factory has to keep working.

Nevertheless, this story can still count on a happy ending — the Bogorodsk city prosecutor’s office opened two criminal cases against the director of PUKK Municipal Unitary Enterprise, Oleg Romanov, under Articles 169 and 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In both cases, the injured party is the factory represented by LLC NAPPA.

This story is a typical example of the Russian reality. With one hand, power feeds big business, while with the other hand it puts obstacles in front of new enterprises and sells old ones. The main problem is that during such showdowns, ordinary workers are the first to be hit. All costs fall on them, they are reduced, fired and left without a livelihood.