The only aircraft-carrying cruiser cannot be repaired in the country

The country defense is at stake

«Investments. Engineering Construction» firm (IEC) sent a complaint to the prosecutor about the termination of the contract with the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) on the construction of a dry dock for the repair of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, RBC reports. The essence of the claim is the groundlessness of the contract termination by the Zvyozdochka shipyard. The contractor claims that this will entail a shift in the timing of the ship docking for 2022.

Admiral Kuznetsov cruiser
Admiral Kuznetsov cruiser

The aircraft carrier сruiser Admiral Kuznetsov has been under modernization in Murmansk since 2018. During the repair works in October 2018, the unique floating dock PD-50 drowned, where the ship was being repaired. Therefore, the idea of building a new repair facility, around which the current dispute flared up, came up.

The termination of the contract means that the construction of the dock is once again postponed, and there is still nowhere to repair the cruiser. At the same time, there is no reliable information about plans to raise the PD-50 dock from the bottom of the Kola Bay.

Thus, since 2018, the power of the market economy has not been enough to repair the only aircraft-carrying cruiser, the laying and launching of which in the Soviet Union took three years. In modern Russia, not a single ship of this class has been built, everything is limited to talk and mock-ups for exhibitions.

However, the same thing is observed in the aircraft industry, where since the beginning of the 90s one aircraft was designed and built, and the main task is to modernize the samples of Soviet equipment based on imported components.

Today’s reality shows that the capitalist is not interested in the development of production and productive forces.

«Capitalism» is a synonym of «degradation».