The President demanded that officials start using Russian cars

Capitalists will get help

Putin said that employees of state-owned companies and government employees should use Russian-made cars as official cars. The President made this statement at a meeting on the development of the automotive industry. According to the president, this will be one of the measures to support the domestic auto car production.

AvtoVaz active union protests cuts
AvtoVaz active union protests cuts

It is not yet clear which cars will be purchased by officials and directors of state-owned companies: if we take into account only Russian car factories, even taking into account AvtoVAZ, which is not entirely Russian now, we will see that not one of them produces cars intended for use by company leaders and state employees. At the same time, the Aurus limousine developed by NAMI and Sollers is also not suitable for such purposes because of the too high price. Given these factors, it is quite possible that the largest Russian automobile companies such as GAZ Group (owned by Oleg Deripaska), Sollers (controlled by billionaire Shvetsov) and others will receive considerable funds from the state for the development of cars of this class.

In fact, such a measure means the support of the Russian capitalists working in the automotive industry. The crisis will inevitably lead to a drop in sales of automobile products to the population and enterprises. Naturally, this will cause a drop in the income of the largest automobile companies, a drop in the earnings of the capitalists. Big capital owners will receive funds both from direct state purchases of cars, and from R&D financing for the development of new cars. At the same time, nothing prevents foreign companies from expanding the production of business-class cars under the Russian brand. The easiest way to do this is the Renault-Nissan concern, which can even sell its business class cars under the AvtoVAZ brand.

Once again, we see how the government is in a hurry to support the capitalists. The fact that such measures were dictated precisely by concern for the welfare of big business people, and not by some kind of «patriotic» considerations, is evident from the fact that until now the authorities have not made any efforts to transfer officials to domestic cars. Such a measure was taken only when the capitalists began to lose income. At the same time, this measure will not practically affect the lives of working car factories: they are unlikely to raise salaries, or, possibly, might even reduce them. Thus, workers yet again need to take care of themselves, it is necessary to defend their interests, which means fighting for them.