Thousands of Soviet Laws canceled in Russia in the Interest of Capital

Are GOST Standards and an eight-hour working day condemned to the dustbin of history?

Since February 1, more than 3.7 thousand legal acts of the USSR and the RSFSR ceased to operate in Russia, as Russian media testify. The catalog of already irrelevant Soviet acts turned out to be unavailable at the time the editorial office made an inquiry about them.

СССР: восьмичасовой рабочий день
The political poster «We dare Capitalism»

Soviet decrees about an eight-hour working day, working conditions of domestic workers, as well as legal acts regulating the quality of the manufactured product went to the basket — many Soviet state standards (GOSTs) are a thing of the past. For example, the Acts “On the Interim Standard for Varietal Seeds of Grain and Leguminous Crops” of 1938 and “On the Implementation of Standards for Machine Parts and Structural Units in the Specifications of Imported Equipment” of 1933 include those.

These actions are the last «gift» from the Russian establishment on behalf of former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. As part of the campaign to get rid of the Soviet legislation, a total of 20 thousand legal acts are planned to be repealed.

Dmitry Medvedev also noted that acts hindering the development of the economy should be repealed.

Of course, the abolition of Soviet laws will reduce the risks for domestic business. First of all, it will affect the development of the service sector. It is valuable that the “regulatory guillotine” will save companies from many acts of a technical nature (interstate and industry standards, technical conditions) that are rudimentary”, commented Oleg Bogdanov, a leading analyst at QBF investment company.

So, now business will no longer be threatened by the Soviet legislation, especially by GOST standards and technical rules. Apparently, this may affect the quality of products.

Советские ГОСТы будут отменены в ближайшие несколько лет
Soviet GOSTs will be abolished in the next several years

The interests of business were also respected when the already obsolete decree of 1917 was canceled — the decree that showed that a different world was possible.

Government officials explained that the current work day length for Russians is recorded in the Labor Code, and the repeal of the 1917 decree «On an eight-hour work day» will not affect modern life. Indeed, today only a small part of Russians work 8 hours. More than 56% of the population work more than 40 hours a week. 12% of Russians work more than 60 hours, which is about 12 hours a day with a five-day work week.

What is there left then, instead of the repealed Soviet legal acts?

The Unfinished Forest Code. New GOSTstandards that justify the production of low-quality products. There is regular tightening for workers and relief for capital.