Three Workers injured in Explosion at Pervouralsk plant

The plant is already known for work safety breaches

According to Interfax, an explosion occurred early on Thursday morning at a chromium plant near Yekaterinburg. Three employees received severe burns.

Взрыв в Первоуральске: фото с места событий
From the scene of the explosion

According to the available information, a transformer exploded in one of the plant shops. The injured were hospitalized with the help of a rescue service helicopter. The causes of the explosion have not yet been reported.

However, it is not difficult to guess what could have happened. Russian Chrome 1915 CJSC, owned by businessman Sergei Gilvarg, has already been punished for gross violations of industrial safety. So, several years ago, bailiffs suspended the work of the raw materials warehouse of acids and formalin for 90 days. The owner of the enterprise, Mr. Gilvarg, is known for frauds with cash, luxury real estate, and tough methods of dealing with competitors. Such a person does not care about the life and health of workers whose work creates his well-being.

Business owners are constantly proving to society their effectiveness. It is extremely effective that they manage to cash in on the work of their subordinates and arrange their lives among luxury cars and apartments. However, on the other side of the production process there are people who constantly risk their health and life in order to increase the wealth of the entrepreneur.