Tracking devices will be implanted in uniforms of Russian workers

Welcome to the capitalist dystopia!

Russian telecom giant MTS had just announced creation of complex tracking system, which allows employers using them to monitor movements of their workers. Telemetric modules will be sutured inside of their uniforms. Implementation of such initiative will give capitalists power to enforce sweatshop-like working order. For ordinary workers it means more intense exploitation and further cutting of their labor rights.
Newest MTS solution comes in form of telemetric module, sutured inside working uniform, connected via Bluetooth with other hardware inside working facility. Each second module’s software tracks current location of the worker and sends this info into surveillance center. Another telecom corp Vympelcom came out with a similar product, but their technical solution lies on installment of tracking app on employee’s phones.

Big Corp brother is watching YOU!

True, such systems can be used for a greater good in such spheres like oil industry, mining, etc. But, as we heard, Russian capitalists are not famous for respecting safety protocols at workplace, to say the least, which means only a few corporations will introduce their workers with such initiative. Yet this new technological advancement, if implemented, gives capitalists a powerful tool for spy on workers, forcing them to perform more intencively, to limit their time used for breaks and even satisfying their biological needs. Just take a look on Amazon corp, which overexploited employees made Jeff Bezos richest man in the world. On some of Amazon facilities, in fear of being fired people had to urinate in bottles to meet daily quotas! In Russia, aggregator services such Delivery Club and Yantex Taxi using this “time management” tools to bleed their workers dry while earning almost nothing. This injustice caused a number of accidental strikes of their workers.

It is well-known fact that scientific progress, like many other things under capitalism serves as a means of getting profit. Any innovation in IT field will be used by employers to tighten the leash on their workers, to give way to intensify exploitation of labor. For example, some capitalists already started to coerce employees into installment of tracking apps. For now these practicies still concidered illegal in Russia, but many of employers ignore it anyway.