Two teenagers planned a mass shooting at school

It’s not safe to go to school

In Saratov, the FSB detained two teenagers who were preparing a mass murder at school. The teenagers were detained in an abandoned bomb shelter, where in a equipped cache they kept a sawn-off shotgun. The SKR Directorate for the Saratov Region has opened a criminal case on charges of preparing the murder of two or more persons.

A sawn-off shotgun
A sawn-off shotgun

Recently, there have been increasing reports of teenagers preparing murders in schools and other educational institutions, as well as the number of massacres. So, for example, in January in the city of Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, two teenagers tried to prepare an explosion at school. On February 18, two teenagers who were preparing a similar crime were detained in Kerch. All this speaks of the extremely depressive state of the Russian society.

Such crimes are generated by the capitalist system itself, they are organically inherent in it. Capitalism educates man according to the old «dog eat dog» principle: the extraction of money is normal, wealth is the main goal, and it justifies all means. Under capitalism, violence is the norm of behavior — from individuals to the state. Violence is applied to workers if they go on strike and defend their rights, capitalists use violence against each other to eliminate competitors and seize business. Violence is used by the bourgeois state in the international arena to protect the interests of the capitalists.

We remember well how Russian capitalism arose, grew and gained strength — in the criminal wars of the 90s, mass killings, and the mass robberies of workers. But having strengthened, it did not change its essence — the interests of the capitalists are protected by a multimillion-strong army of security forces and workers of private security companies.

It is not surprising, therefore, that adolescents begin to use violence as a tool to achieve their goals.

Thus, such cases will continue to occur in Russia and no security measures, no precautions will save them. To ensure security and create a truly safe environment for all citizens, it is necessary to eliminate the very cause of the crime — capitalism.